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My name is Marissa Eckert and I know from my first discover scuba dive that I wanted to be an instructor and share the beauty of the underwater world with others. Fast forward to a life changing trip to the Florida springs where I decided being a cave instructor was my path in life. I knew if I could share the beauty of our aquifer with others they would just have no choice but to care about it. So I packed all my belongings and I moved to Florida. I pursued my dreams and became a cave instructor and dive shop owner. I lived in Florida for 13 years teaching cave, technical, and rebreather diving while also honing in my underwater photography skills. During those 13 years I also traveled the world, especially the cenotes of Mexico every chance I got. Now I call Mexico my home, specific Tulum and I love it here. Nothing brings me more joy then sharing my passion for diving with others, whether it be through instruction, guiding or photography!

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